Lecture for Kruh in Prague. 

“KRUH (Circle) was founded in 2001 by a group of architecture students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and it is the only NGO, which operates professionally and continually within the architecture field nowadays. Focus of our activities lies in an ongoing cycle of lectures on architecture held by leading Czech and foreign architects and architecture critics.” 

“In all we do our goal is to create a continuous dialogue about contemporary issues among architects, architecture theorists and public. Our target group consists of architecture students, architects, construction engineers, humanities students and last but not least the general public. This year our programme is focused on “Different perspective” – cycle of 7 lecture and discussion evenings about contemporary architecture. It introduces the current exceptional architecture on the European continent and represents a unique and creative perspectives, which can inspire Czech environment, both professionals and the general public.”  fot. KRUH 

more: www. kruh.info