Single Family House
location: Koszalin, Raduszka
project: 1996 


This house was designed on a trapezoid-shaped plot with a slope of ca. three meters to the north. It is on this side that the main access road to the building is located. However, the entrance to the building is located on the opposite site. The residents of the house, and also their guests, have to go along the building and to experience its length. 

The building consists of a simple and massive two-floor cuboid, which is laid on the basement, which sinks in part in earth.  The massive part of the building, which includes all the living quarters, was contrasted with the light openwork structure of the balconies and terraces from the west. The balconies are additionally furnished with shifted wood panels, which perform visual and sunshade functions. As they can be freely shifted, they contribute to the continuously changing looks of the west facade.

This semi-transparent strip of the balconies constitutes a transitory element between the introvertic interior of this massive building and the open spaces of the garden. The ground floor of the building was organized around a standalone block which includes auxiliary rooms such as a toilet or a wardbrobe. This element serves to separate the kitchen from the living part of the house, yet in a way which ensures a good access to these rooms.  The geometric and functional centre of the house is constituted by a two-floor dining room, which opens towards the living room. 


piotr smierzewski, freier architekt, karlsruhe 
dariusz herman

Building Footprint: 138,7 m2
Net Floor Area: 271,7 m2
Gross Floor Area: 426,9 m2
Volume: 1126,2 m3


1. Piotr Smierzewski, Architektura & Biznes 2/1997
2. Dom nad Stokiem, Top Dom, 02/2000